a powerful, portable, drug-free period pain reliever

TENS devices are an effective tool to get relief from Period Pain. Forget about analgesics or heat packs, these discreet machines are an effective and quick method to get rid of those unbearable menstrual cramps!

How they work? Through electro pulses they alleviate period pain by helping your muscles to relax, reducing also the uncomfortable bloating sensation and improving your wellbeing. But there is more!

technology that fusion health and fitness

Different from other devices only for period pain, our TENS/EMS machines have DUAL FUNCTIONALITY, meaning you can use them to alleviate pain (including period pain) and also to improve your fitness.

Firstly, the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation) function can assist you to get relief from pain, for example back or neck pain, knee pain and much more. Secondly, the EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) functionalities help to increase your endurance, build muscle strength help with recovery and rehabilitation.

So you can use our machines to get relief from period cramps and also to get your abs looking fab! Double the benefits in half of the time!!!

Safe and drug-free therapy
Wearable Smart Fitness Device
Treat acute and chronic pain: period pain, back and neck pain, sciatica, joint and arthritic pain and much more!
Boost fitness, sport and athletic performance by increasing toning & muscle strengthening
Accelerate injury recovery time
Improve endurance and faster recovery times


Super Easy-to-use Icon
Super Easy-to-use
Customise Programs Icon
Ability to customise your programs
Practical and Portable Icon
Practical & Portable
Continuous Use Icon
Can be used continuously
Powerful Pre-set Programs Icon
Powerful with numerous pre-set programs
3 Years Warranty Icon
3 Years Warranty


Alleviates the awful period cramps
Diminish the use of analgesics
Reduces bloating sensation
Improve your quality of life
Private Insurance Tip Icon

Did you know that some private health insurances provide rebates when you purchase a TENS Machine?

Find out more here Private Health Insurance Rebates for TENS Machines – TENS Machines for Sale (tensmachinesaustralia.com.au)

'Drug Free, Pain Relief, Try a Tens Machine

Our machines are discrete so you can use them at home or at work while you continued to do your daily activities. To learn correct pad placement click here

we recommend the following tens/ems machines and programs for period pain

MH6000P TENS Machine Model

MH6000P TENS Machine Model

For patients not on analgesics use Program 4 (P4)
For patients on strong analgesics use Program 12 (P12)
MH8000P TENS Machine Model

MH8000P TENS Machine Model

For patients not on analgesics use Program 30 (P30)
For patients on strong analgesics use Program 14 (P14)
MH8001 TENS Machine Model

MH8001 TENS Machine Model

For patients not on analgesics use Program 6 (P6)
For patients on strong analgesics use Program 26 (P26)