TENS Pads Placement

Decide which size of electrode is best for your condition by following the TENS pad placement suggestions as outlined in the electrode pad placement guides pictures below.
All our TENS Machines come complete with 13 carbon film adhesive electrode-pads supplied in various sizes to suit each required treatment usage area.


The placement of electrodes can be one of the most important considerations in achieving the best success with your own TENS/EMS therapy. It is a good idea to try the various styles of electrode placements to find which method best suits your own needs.
Every patient responds to electrical stimulation differently and their needs may vary from the conventional settings and placements as suggested. If the initial results are not as positive as you would like, feel free to experiment. Once a good placement has been achieved, make note of the electrode and area of placement.


This is the most common TENS/EMS pad placement technique. It involves placing the electrodes alongside the area of the localised pain site, in such a way as to direct the flow of current through or around the area of pain.

In a single channel application, this would involve placing each pad on either side of the pain area whenever the pain is localised to a limb and is deep within the tissue. Pad placement on the posterior and anterior aspects of the affected limb will allow the current to flow completely through the limb and thus through the endogenous pain site.

If you need any help with placement of TENS pads please feel free to contact us or check out more information in our blog.

A person who is considering TENS for the first time should know that it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner before use.