TENS Pads - 40mm x 40mm Square
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Professional Quality TENS / EMS Gel Pads - 40mm x 40mm Square - Set of 4

Quality pads enable superior high conductivity to provide the best results possible for pain relief & muscle stimulation.

Comfortable to touch, latex free and non-irritating to the skin for a safe & comfortable user experience.

Reusable & Durable – The general service life of a set of pads is up to 100 uses. (The service life of the pads can vary due to skin characteristics, usage & storage methods)

Orders are sent via express post. Orders placed by 12 noon (Mon/Fri) generally will ship the same day. 

Compatibility with other Brands/Models

Our Gel self-adhesive pads are compatible with most modern TENS/EMS machines.  

Standard 2.0mm pin connector that suits the lead type below.

Please be advised we do not accept returns for pads that have been opened.

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